About StillStream

StillStream is a USA-based zero-revenue non-commercial station, which means exactly that: we do not run advertising, nor receive revenue, nor do we have a traditional ‘business model’. StillStream is not, however, a legal non-profit organization. In fact, StillStream is a privately owned station, not a corporation or other legal entity. Therefore, please do not send donations, as they will not be tax deductible. If you feel strongly about supporting StillStream and our efforts to promote ambient music, then we suggest you purchase one of the excellent StillStream related benefit releases from Blue Water Records.

Terms of Use

StillStream provides its music to our listeners as a free and anonymous service. However, any rebroadcast of our streams or any of our content is expressly prohibited. Note that you may be able to redistribute the music of some of the artists we play, depending upon the license that the artist has chosen to release their music under (for example Creative Commons), but the StillStream stream itself is not redistributable without prior written permission. This is to preserve the rights of any artists who have granted StillStream a license-free waiver but have not released their music under a blanket license like Creative Commons.

Intellectual Property

StillStream has always been totally dedicated to ensuring that the rights of all artists and any associated copyright holders are protected. We work very hard to ensure that the music we play is either freely available for non-commercial use or that we have proper legal rights to broadcast it through our station. It is our firm policy to maintain compliance with all aspects of USA intellectual property law, with no exceptions. We are human, however, and sometimes mistakes are made.

Therefore, if you are an artist or copyright holder and believe that we are broadcasting any of your protected work without proper permission, please contact us immediately, and we will work with you to resolve it right away.

Freedom Of Speech

It is our policy to give broad freedom of speech to our radio hosts, in the true spirit of the Internet. It is important, however, to remember that any opinions or statements by any of our hosts represent solely the opinions and statements of those individual hosts, not of StillStream at large or its owners or management.

Also, our free speech policy acknowledges the fact that some speech, while legally protected, does not support the mission of our radio station. For example, content that is racially insensitive or promotes criminal activity has no place on StillStream. Therefore, StillStream reserves the right to moderate our content, and if necessary, to establish guidelines, at our sole discretion.

While we tune into our own stream virtually every day, we cannot commit to actively monitoring every one of our hosts’ broadcasts. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or about any specific host or program, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Finally, guests in our chat room also enjoy the same broad freedom of speech, with the same caveat that certain types of speech do not support our mission and thus have no place here. StillStream and its hosts reserve the right to moderate the discussion in our chatroom, and if necessary, to kick or ban users who will not follow our chat guidelines, at our sole discretion.

Age Appropriateness

While StillStream respects the free speech rights of our hosts, we also respect the needs of parents to sometimes monitor what younger ears are listening to.

Our programming, our chat room, and all of our content is, in general, geared towards adults. In particular, the hosts of our live broadcasts are assuming that their audience is composed of adults. Additionally, we operate our station in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. As a result, children under 13 should not tune in, and we recommend that teens under the age of 18 should not listen without parental guidance. StillStream cannot be responsible if a minor hears something objectionable on our station. As always, parents should actively exercise their best judgement when deciding whether to permit their minor children to tune in to our station.

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