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Program:   StillStream All Ambient
Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   Copal River
Track:   Ancient Reactor
Album:   Ancara
Released:   2008
Label:   Earth Mantra
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Lucette Bourdin - Memories of Fitzroya
Saul Stokes - Blaze
Minus 3 - Adiaphane
Gurdonark - Faith
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Lucette Bourdin  Memories of Fitzroya  Ancient Memories  Dark Duck
Saul Stokes  Blaze  Villa Galaxia  Hypnos Binary
Minus 3  Adiaphane  North Strand  Minus 3
Gurdonark  Faith  Seven Virtues  Jamendo
Mike Andrews  The Calmth  Slaves to the Machines  Mike Andrews
Carl Sagan's Ghost  Closing Down  Colonial Spa EP  Luxus-Arctica
Fellirium  Necrosis  Cellular Structure  Liminal
Joe Frawley  La Belle Captive  The Hypnotist  Joe Frawley
Milieu  Sky Blue Dreamboat  Milieu LP  Experimedia
Matthew Florianz  Capricious  Electronic Forest  HS Recordings


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