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Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   Jujigen
Track:   Gemini
Album:   Ambient Collective ~ Zodiac
Released:   2009
Label:   Ambient Collective
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06:13 AM CDT - Austere - Distance
06:10 AM CDT - Gurdonark - Fortitude
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    Artist   Track   Release   Label
06:55:01 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jujigen   Gemini   Ambient Collective ~ Zodiac   Ambient Collective
06:49:51 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Quosp   Cavern   Bistre EP   metanoia
06:40:11 AM CDT (UTC-5)   piper_ben   Haiku   Agony of Silence EP   circlesandlines
06:20:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Perimeter   Barren Wasteland   Drone Download Project Year 4   Dark Duck
06:13:09 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Austere   Distance   Distance   Sound-O-Mat
06:10:50 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Gurdonark   Fortitude   Seven Virtues   Jamendo
06:07:52 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Sobocan   Lo   Mars and the Toucan   John Sobocan
05:57:34 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Vir Unis and James Johnson   Modeling and Simulation   Perimeter III   AtmoWorks
05:52:25 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Color by Numbers   The Transitions   The Transitions   Autoplate
05:34:45 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Seconds Before Awakening   Zero 2   Zero   Seconds Before Awakening
05:26:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Michael Meara   Haze   Ambient Collective ~ The Serene Files Part One   Ambient Collective
05:21:27 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Paul Summerlin   Daughter of Disintegration Part 6   Journey Into Disintegration   Paul Summerlin
05:15:40 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kevin Rees   Plangent   Pools Of Instability   Kevin Rees
05:08:11 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Spheruleus   Reshaping Fragments   Decompose   Audio Gourmet
04:56:11 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Bing Satellites   Realise   Summer Night   BFW Recordings
04:54:25 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Mel   Foo   So   Test Tube
04:47:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Petal   Delerium   Variegations   Zenapolae
04:43:50 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Lucette Bourdin   Light Waves   Nordic Waves Vol. 4 Autumn   Dark Duck
04:41:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   QuarterBit   Old Harbor   The Antarctica Files   Public Spaces
04:25:30 AM CDT (UTC-5)   James Johnson   In Then Out   Unity   James Johnson
04:15:49 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Richard Bone   Ogopogo (Rev)   XesseX the palindrome project   Richard Bone Quirkworks
04:10:30 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Niall   Reiki River (The Journey Ends)   Reiki River   Paradise Music
04:04:56 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Fosel   Temple of Equuleus   Olvido   TimeTheory
03:59:46 AM CDT (UTC-5)   A Produce   Clear Pools   White Sands   Trance Port
03:51:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jujigen   Topspin 0.5   Quarks   Ambient Collective
03:46:59 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Dominic Mobilia   Distant Waves   Eclectic   Dominic Mobilia
03:39:59 AM CDT (UTC-5)   M.Peck   Cold Flow   Glacial   Gears of Sand
03:35:17 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Premonition Factory   To The Dark Place Where It Leads   59 Airplanes Waiting For New York   Premonition Factory
03:29:28 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Vorus   Ripple Effect   Transmuting Currents   Ambient Distillery
03:24:25 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Llewellyn   Just For Today, I Will Honour   Reiki Gold   Paradise Music
03:18:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Numina   Emerald Nebulae   Evolving Visions   Numina Music
03:12:38 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Tony Gerber   Europa Under Ice   Ethereality   Space For Music
03:10:06 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Manitou   Dirty Streets of Winter   All Points North   SloBor Media
02:59:04 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Tone Ghost Ether   Hydrogen 2 Oxygen   Hydrogen 2 Oxygen   Earth Mantra
02:55:21 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Milieu and Quosp   Quosp   Grassland Melodies   Rope Swing Cities
02:51:53 AM CDT (UTC-5)   All India Radio   Piano and Ambience 9   Piano and Ambience   All India Radio
02:43:15 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Ishq   Daisy   Orchid   Interchill Records
02:14:38 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Steve Brand   I Have Already Left the Room   Circular Scriptures   Relaxed Machinery
02:09:32 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Llewellyn   Just For Today, I Will Not Worry   Reiki Gold   Paradise Music
02:03:49 AM CDT (UTC-5)   James Fahy   Effectual   Ambienteer Compilation 2   Public Spaces
01:53:02 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Synthetic Mind Decay   Unanswered   Delusion   Synthetic Mind Decay
01:42:12 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Chris Russell   Phlox   Bloom   Relaxed Machinery
01:38:00 AM CDT (UTC-5)   WOFan   Subway Kievskaia 3.21am   Natural Disorder   Dimitri Schkoda
01:34:09 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Forrest Fang   The Empty Path   Gongland   Projekt
01:24:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   SunDummy   Beyond The Reef 1   Mighty Voids Collide   TZP Drone Company
01:19:54 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Kannenberg   Lucifer is Fallen ~ Rachel is Baptized   A Canticle For Leibowitz   Nishi
01:06:51 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Numina   Arsia Mons   Transcension Live 2002 Disc 1   Numina Music
01:00:10 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Chris Russell   Aurora   Frozen   Relaxed Machinery
12:52:36 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Arcticology   Structure One   Deep Spring   Earth Mantra
12:45:46 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Petal   There is a Gentle Hand   Up From Here   Earth Mantra
12:35:19 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Saul Stokes   Wave Image Wave   Radiate   Databloem
12:28:07 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Leigh Ann Phillips   Dawn Mountain   Dawn Mountain   Leigh Ann Phillips
12:24:55 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Mike Andrews   Fantasy   Science and Fiction   Mike Andrews
12:19:24 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Justin Robert and Jeremy Powell   Fluorinescence 1   Fluorinescence   Test Tube
12:10:31 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Joe McMahon   Gamelan Dream   Ocean Music   Earth Mantra
12:03:42 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Voder   Sea Fog Makes Landfall   Fields   Just Not Normal
12:02:36 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Christopher Harvey   Aer   Colonization   Christopher Harvey
11:58:23 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Josh Johnston   Asylum Harbor   The Shape of Things   Josh Johnston
11:53:24 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Coax   Roads and Corners   From The Endless Auburn   Soft Phase
11:46:41 PM CDT (UTC-5)   John Sobocan   Leaves on a Forest Floor   Features of Spheres   John Sobocan