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Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   WOFan
Track:   Dreaming Tears
Album:   Paranoid Noises (one)
Released:   1999
Label:   Dimitri Schkoda
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    Artist   Track   Release   Label
12:08:43 PM CDT (UTC-5)   WOFan   Dreaming Tears   Paranoid Noises (one)   Dimitri Schkoda
12:02:27 PM CDT (UTC-5)   Maximinus   Welcome to Africa   Planet Earth   Akashic
11:57:02 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Counterspark   5.28   The Halpern Experiment   Resting Bell
11:41:39 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Perimeter   Sin Eaters   Perceiving The Invisible   Dark Winter
11:36:04 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Cypress Rosewood   The Forest Part 7   Live at The Forest   Cypress Rosewood
11:32:40 AM CDT (UTC-5)   The Nature of Light   Resolving the Algorithm   Atropos   Webbed Hand
11:21:53 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K   Kyzyl To Samarkand   Kyzyl To Samarkand   Musiczeit
11:14:35 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Mooma   Entropy   Herd Forming   Mooma
10:56:11 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Thom Brennan   Submergence   Vibrant Water   Thom Brennan
10:44:43 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kit Watkins   Reflectivity   This Time and Space   Earth Mantra
10:36:21 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Soul In Limbo   Doubts are our Traitors   Driven By Thanatos   Dark Duck
10:26:00 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Veem   000   Station   Kikapu
10:22:08 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Josh Johnston   Peace (Nightsong 1)   The Shape of Things   Josh Johnston
10:16:53 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Alpha Wave Movement   Further Out   Beyond Silence   Harmonic Resonance
10:07:01 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kirill Platonkin   Our Eternal Alarm   Our Eternal Alarm   Dark Winter
09:56:01 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Kenneth Kirschner   18th of June 1995   Maundered Souls   Rain
09:49:23 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Deep Chill Network   Constricting Hour   Dreams 2   Dark Duck
09:44:24 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Brian Parnham   Relentless Flow   Mantle   Steve Roach.com
09:34:03 AM CDT (UTC-5)   The Lights Galaxia   T2   Multiple Artist Ambient Project Excursion One   Luxus-Arctica
09:26:04 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Nests of Disorder   Something Inside Awakens   The Light Has Failed Us   Amduscias Records
09:21:02 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Exuviae   Doorways Alight   Jamais Vu   Endless Ascent
09:15:43 AM CDT (UTC-5)   SPACECRAFT   Beyond   Earthtime Tapestry   Lektronic Soundscapes
09:10:30 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Michael Dulin   Teatime for Emily   Follow the River   Michael Dulin
09:06:54 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Crepusculum   Sleep at Sunrise   Sing on in Silhouettes   12rec
08:59:38 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jacob Newman   Sunfold   The Hundredth Mantra   Earth Mantra
08:55:01 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Andreas Pflanzl   Leaving Universe   Leaving Universe   Andreas Pflanzl
08:42:09 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Ray Carl Daye   Spectral Navigator   Spectral Navigator   Magnatune
08:33:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Matthew Florianz   Apathy Two   Three   HS Recordings
08:27:52 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Christian Doil   Eiskorn   Eis   Just Not Normal
08:23:35 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Quosp   Green   Green EP   metanoia
08:18:56 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Shane Morris   The Circuitry of Consciousness   Approaching Singularity   Buddhist on Fire
08:14:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Anawaty Russell   Sunset Over Manda Valley   Monjour   Anawaty Russell
08:12:26 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Nick Cramer   IV   Anti-Gravity   Kikapu
08:06:47 AM CDT (UTC-5)   IXOHOXI   Dreampool   Sommus-B   IXOHOXI Music
08:05:47 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Beyond Absence   Untitled Creature   Heritage   Webbed Hand
07:59:31 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jack Hertz   Dawn   Gilded Skies   We are all Ghosts
07:49:04 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Cypress Rosewood   Live at ElvenShire Part 1   Live at ElvenShire   Cypress Rosewood
07:42:38 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Vir Unis   A Link To Forever   Book of Mutations   AtmoWorks
07:37:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Matthew Florianz   DageRaad   Grijsgebied   HS Recordings
07:33:45 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Claire Fitch   Lunarsheen   Ambiencellist Part II   Magnatune
07:30:33 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Reese Burgan   The Descent of Heaven   Eighth Day   Earth Mantra
07:25:21 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Psicodreamics   The Sorcery   Azhdark Passion   Psicodreamics
07:21:13 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Exuviae   Deliverance   The White Underneath   AtmoWorks
07:17:42 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Mosaik   Loell   Minutes   Kahvi Collective
07:06:51 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Synthetic Mind Decay   Illusion   Delusion   Synthetic Mind Decay
07:02:39 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Christian Doil   Nickel   Metall   Earth Mantra
06:59:16 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Alvari Lume   Night Poems 2   Ennen   Audio Gourmet
06:54:42 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Veem   600   Station   Kikapu
06:47:14 AM CDT (UTC-5)   John Christian   Mangrove (live)   Susbarbatus   John Christian
06:42:37 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Paul Avgerinos   Dance Of Life   Sky of Grace   Magnatune
06:38:22 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Ken Elkinson   Chasing Twilight   Music for Commuting Volumes 3 and 4   Ken Elkinson
06:34:17 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Fosel   Antistress   The Left Hand of Darkness   Treetrunk
06:26:29 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Offthesky   Du Soleil (Billy Gomberg remix)   Du Soleil   Resting Bell
06:04:53 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Pura Sombar   Tongues Falling from an Opened Sky   Tongues Falling from an Opened Sky EP   Eg0cide Productions
05:59:49 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Tone Ghost Ether   Lizard Trail Envy   Hydrogen 2 Oxygen   Earth Mantra
05:57:02 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Jacob Newman   Grains of Rain   Reflections and Diffusions   Earth Mantra
05:42:29 AM CDT (UTC-5)   Patrick Hussey   Night Falls in... (pt.2)   Assimilation   Rack and Ruin
05:34:41 AM CDT (UTC-5)   IXOHOXI and Numina   Nartiang Misty Monoliths   Megaliths and Monoliths   Numina Music
05:29:31 AM CDT (UTC-5)   The Glimmer Room   Hawfrost   Now We Are Six   A-Frame
05:16:25 AM CDT (UTC-5)   IXOHOXI   Slow Flow (Meditation Edit)   Soundscapes For Yoga Meditation   IXOHOXI Music