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Artist:   Philip Croaton
Track:   Silence
Album:   Easy
Released:   2010
Label:   Test Tube
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On Today: At Water’s Edge

Host: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Starts: 16:00:00
Lasts: 3 hours


At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Be sure to follow on facebook and subscribe to the podcast.

On Today: Sadayatana

Host: John Tocher
Starts: 21:15:00
Lasts: 2 hours


Emanating from a laboratory deep in bayou country near the border of Texas and Louisiana, USA, Sadayatana (Sanskrit for "realm of the senses") provides you with a weekly dose of ambient, dark ambient, musique concrete, and experimental musics. Your one stop shop containing everything for that sonically weird inner Buddha. Tune in, turn on, zen out.

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Welcome to StillStream

We are a non-commercial ambient radio station that is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our automated radio feed, we also focus on live radio programs, with real live hosts who share their passion for deep music with you.

We subscribe to the Wikipedia definition of ambient music, and love all forms of it, not just one subgenre or another. This means we play all sorts of music, such as:

- Soothing light ambient
- Ambient mood music
- Impenetrable dark ambient
- Berlin-school electronic ambient
- Challenging experimental ambient
- Futuristic ambient noise
- Powerful tribal ambient
- Cinematic symphonic ambient
- Expansive space music
- Textural abstract ambient
- Exotic world ambient
- Uplifiting new age ambient
- And much more

Our stream is very diverse, and is suitable for many types of listening. We exist solely to promote interest in ambient music and to give ambient artists a community. Everything we do we make available for no cost and with no commercials.

StillStream is free for everyone to enjoy, completely anonymously, as often as desired, so why not tune in today?

Featured Release: Halla

by Ari Porki and Christopher Alvarado


Halla is a newly released album on the 45 Echoes Sounds Label. This is a magnificent album with collaborative contributions from a wide range of other artists like Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas and Stephen Briggs. The tracks range from the angelic call of the Lucid stars to the subtle tribal ambience of the Sacred Stones, and after a journey through many more audio experiences, you're driven home by the fast upbeat tempo of raja the final track of this cd.

Featured Artist: Bing Satellites

Musician and producer from Manchester, UK


Bing Satellites is a prolific artist who has been making ambient music since the beginning of the 21st century. He has been influenced by the work of Brian Eno and most of his music is live improvised, using different loops and delays to create a sonic space for your imagination to explore. He collaborates with many other ambient artists, has many tracks on various artists compilations and is also the owner of the BFW Recordings label which also has a lot of excellent ambient music for your enjoyment. His Twilight sessions and Mostly ambient Radio sessions series are a great introduction to his music and are available from his bandcamp site.

Featured Label: Aural Films

Soundtracks for movies that do not exist


Aural Films is a label specializing in soundtracks for movies that don't exist as well as ambient music inspired by horror fiction and literary works with a wide range of artists from people like Cousin silas, Jack Hertz, Scott Lawlor, Wolfgang Gsell, Christopher Alvarado, Tim Kays and many other ambient and electronic musicians. The site is also host to a number of thematic compilations ranging in scope from cosmic events to the intimate feelings brought about by loss and remembrance.