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Program:   StillStream All Ambient
Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
Listeners:   62 people in 9 countries
Artist:   Jarguna
Track:   Reflex of a Reverberation
Album:   Reflex of a Reverberation
Released:   2010
Label:   Endless Ascent
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12:25 PM CDT - Tom Powell - Dissolve
12:18 PM CDT - Parasme - Third Chakra
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About StillStream


StillStream is an ambient, non-commercial, zero-revenue independent net radio station based in the United States. Our mission is to make ambient artists successful. We play strictly by the rules when it comes to music licensing. There are numerous people to whom we are grateful for generous support. We have been broadcasting since 2005 and hope to keep broadcasting for many years to come.

Our Story

The original idea for StillStream came from Ian Clay of Parasme Records, who felt that the ambient genre needed more radio airplay options for artists. He also felt that the world needed a dedicated net radio station that would both promote the ambient genre as well as bring together ambient artists and fans into a single supportive community. Inspired by this idea, we set about to create:

After several weeks of work, StillStream first began broadcasting on March 1, 2005 and has been on the air non-stop ever since. During this time, we grew from having just a couple of listeners on an occasional basis to being a full fledged radio station with many listeners from all over the globe tuned in at all hours of the day and night. Our library grew from having just a few dozen artists to being one of the largest repositories of quality independent ambient music on the net. We even got to the #1 spot on Google for the search phrase "ambient radio".

With no false modesty, we think it is now safe to say that StillStream is one of the finest ambient net radio stations around. Though we are by no means the only great ambient net radio station, we are the only ambient net radio station that we know of that focuses on live music and live programs. We are very proud of StillStream and look forward to many years of continued service to the ambient community. We hope our listeners find StillStream to be as fulfilling as we do.

Special Note: In August of 2011, ownership of StillStream was transferred from Darrell Burgan to Howard Moscovitz of Electro-Music.com. StillStream will continue to offer an excellent stream of ambient music as well as our live programming, but with the added benefit of being part of the even larger and more dynamic community of artists that is Electro-Music.com. Though Darrell is no longer associated with the ownership or maintenance of StillStream.com, we are very excited about the future of StillStream as we become part of the Electro-Music.com neighborhood.

Our Mission

We measure StillStream's success as follows:

If we can answer yes to all of these questions, then we feel we are living up to our goals. If not, well then it means we need to continue to improve our service, something we are constantly striving to do.

It is important to note that our mission does NOT include making money, making a profit, or even covering our own costs. We are intentionally and unapologetically non-commercial because this gives us the freedom to work towards our goals without any external entanglements.

The Licensing Thing

When it comes to licensing music, it is our belief that net radio stations come in just two flavors: those that play by the rules, and those that do not. StillStream plays strictly by the rules, and in fact goes to great lengths to ensure we are doing so. We strongly support the rights of ambient artists, including their right to choose how to market their music, and how much (if anything) to charge for their music.

But let's be clear: StillStream does not pay royalties of any kind for airplay. Put simply, as a non-commercial station with no revenue stream, it is out of our reach cost-wise.

How, then, can we broadcast all this music legally? Simple. We just ask for the artist's permission.

After much research and a couple of different models for documenting permission, StillStream has settled upon a simple set of rules:

We totally respect artists who choose not to grant us a royalty waiver. We believe very strongly that artists should have the choice of how to bring their music to the marketplace and to their audiences, and can understand if an artist would rather not sign such an agreement. After all, we are all artists ourselves. If you do choose to grant us a royalty waiver, however, we sincerely thank you and promise to do everything we can to make it worth your effort.

Hall of Fame

We want to acknowledge some key individuals for their continued help and dedication to the station and for making StillStream successful:


Our current admin at Stillstream that keep things rolling 24/7:

We want to give these folks the props they deserve. Thank you so much for supporting StillStream and for helping us to make the ambient world a better place. It quite literally could not be done without you.

We also would like to thank all the ambient artists for so generously supporting StillStream. We sincerely hope that our efforts to support your music have been more than worth it to you.

Finally we would like to thank our listeners. Without you, there would be no point.