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Released:   2010
Label:   Earth Mantra
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Sadayatana 179: The Wandering Soul

"At night the choppers buzz the bamboo roof of the jungle, dumping from three thousand feet to little more than a hundred, circling, climbing, circling again, no LZ to land in, no casualties to pick up. Above the roar of the rotorwash come the shrieks of the damned: wails, moans, plaintive cries of Vietnamese. It’s real William Castle stuff, weird sounds and screaming meemies, but even knowing it’s coming from a tape recorder, even hearing the static hiss of the loudspeakers mounted on the Hueys, it still spooks the shit out of the VC. “The Wandering Soul,” it’s called—the sounds of dead Cong, their bodies not given a proper burial, their spirits helplessly wandering the earth. Psychological warfare. Inner Sanctum meets Vietnam. Down in the tunnels Charlie hears it, knows it’s a con, tries to sleep but can’t, the damn stuff goes on half the night. The wails grow louder the lower the choppers fly, then trail off, to suitably eerie effect, as they climb away. Until the next chopper comes with its cargo of souls in a box."

--Alan Brennert, Ma Qui

On Today: At Water’s Edge

Host: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Starts: 16:00:00
Lasts: 3 hours


At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Be sure to follow on facebook and subscribe to the podcast.

On Today: Sadayatana

Host: John Tocher
Starts: 21:15:00
Lasts: 2 hours


Emanating from a laboratory deep in bayou country near the border of Texas and Louisiana, USA, Sadayatana (Sanskrit for "realm of the senses") provides you with a weekly dose of ambient, dark ambient, musique concrete, and experimental musics. Your one stop shop containing everything for that sonically weird inner Buddha. Tune in, turn on, zen out.

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Welcome to StillStream

We are a non-commercial ambient radio station that is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our automated radio feed, we also focus on live radio programs, with real live hosts who share their passion for deep music with you.

We subscribe to the Wikipedia definition of ambient music, and love all forms of it, not just one subgenre or another. This means we play all sorts of music, such as:

- Soothing light ambient
- Ambient mood music
- Impenetrable dark ambient
- Berlin-school electronic ambient
- Challenging experimental ambient
- Futuristic ambient noise
- Powerful tribal ambient
- Cinematic symphonic ambient
- Expansive space music
- Textural abstract ambient
- Exotic world ambient
- Uplifiting new age ambient
- And much more

Our stream is very diverse, and is suitable for many types of listening. We exist solely to promote interest in ambient music and to give ambient artists a community. Everything we do we make available for no cost and with no commercials.

StillStream is free for everyone to enjoy, completely anonymously, as often as desired, so why not tune in today?

Featured Label: Webbed Hand

Sound in the service of enchantment.


One of our favorite netlabels, Webbed Hand Records focuses on strange works of audio art that defy tidy categories, with an expanding catalog of unique recordings and a fascinating roster of visionary sound artists. Visit this superb netlabel today!

Featured Release: Complacency

by Beyond Absence


One of the definitions of complacency is "to be completely satisfied right where you are." And satisfied you will be, settled back in a comfortable chair, as you take in these mellow compositions which seem to shimmer like snowflakes in the air. This work evokes a slower, more peaceful approach to life. "This is what we wanted to tell you for now. We are glad to have reached your ears; and perhaps a little of your hearts and minds, if for a second or two only." - Gustavo and Mauro.

Featured Artist: Frore

aka Paul Casper


Frore (Paul Casper) is music that evokes a dark thoughtful, primitive, atmosphere for reflection and/or dreaming. Paul thinks it's music that connects with "something", but he has yet to figure out what that is. But one more mystery in life is always welcome. Is it music for the world before us, or for the tribes of tomorrow? Either way it's music that respects how small we are in world that - while getting smaller - is still pretty damn big and still mysterious. Frore hopes to put some of that mystery back in your world.