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Program:   StillStream All Ambient
Host:   Wally The Ambient Robot
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Artist:   Sara Ayers and Ryuta.K
Track:   Kyzyl To Samarkand
Album:   Kyzyl To Samarkand
Released:   2008
Label:   Musiczeit
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On Today: At Water’s Edge

Host: Rebekkah Hilgraves
Starts: 16:00:00
Lasts: 3 hours


At Water’s Edge looks into unexplored corners of ambient electronica to uncover beauty in unexpected places. Be sure to follow on facebook and subscribe to the podcast.

On Today: Sadayatana

Host: John Tocher
Starts: 21:15:00
Lasts: 2 hours


Emanating from a laboratory deep in bayou country near the border of Texas and Louisiana, USA, Sadayatana (Sanskrit for "realm of the senses") provides you with a weekly dose of ambient, dark ambient, musique concrete, and experimental musics. Your one stop shop containing everything for that sonically weird inner Buddha. Tune in, turn on, zen out.

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Welcome to StillStream

We are a non-commercial ambient radio station that is on the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to our automated radio feed, we also focus on live radio programs, with real live hosts who share their passion for deep music with you.

We subscribe to the Wikipedia definition of ambient music, and love all forms of it, not just one subgenre or another. This means we play all sorts of music, such as:

- Soothing light ambient
- Ambient mood music
- Impenetrable dark ambient
- Berlin-school electronic ambient
- Challenging experimental ambient
- Futuristic ambient noise
- Powerful tribal ambient
- Cinematic symphonic ambient
- Expansive space music
- Textural abstract ambient
- Exotic world ambient
- Uplifiting new age ambient
- And much more

Our stream is very diverse, and is suitable for many types of listening. We exist solely to promote interest in ambient music and to give ambient artists a community. Everything we do we make available for no cost and with no commercials.

StillStream is free for everyone to enjoy, completely anonymously, as often as desired, so why not tune in today?

Featured Release: Quiet Friends

A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence


This brand new release from the Free Floating label is a compilation of astounding works by some of today's top ambient artists who have paid tribute to Structures from Silence, a profound landmark in the history of ambient music. Although each track on the album is a tribute to Steve Roach's seminal release, the artists all bring their own unique sonic voice and vision of how the music from Structures has inspired them.

Featured Artist: Red Clouds

The darker side of drone and ambient music


Based in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, Red Clouds explores the darker side of drone and ambient music, wandering with the listener through planets inhabited by alien life forms and dark vistas of our own terrestrial home. His work can be found at http://redclouds.bandcamp.com/ and your ambient collection will be richer for the addition of Red Clouds' music.

Featured Label: GV sound

Dark ambient, drone and experimental


GV sound is a Russian netlabel specializing in dark ambient, drone and experimental styles of ambient music, featuring such artists as 14 Days of Darkness, Songs from a Tomb, WMRI, Ptarkh, Meho, Desert Visions and many more. This label boasts an astonishing 316 releases, all available from their site.